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  1. Laurel Holloman Would Make Bette Porter Swoon, Too: The Autostraddle Interview
  2. Classic Curve: Laurel Holloman Gets Personal About Tina
  3. Laurel Holloman: "I shouldn't identify as bisexual"
  4. Who is dating laurel holloman

I think that anything that can spin-off from the success of our show is awesome. Where is acting on your priority list right now? I absolutely want to keep acting and I have strong relationships with a few casting directors who call me in for really good projects. Right when The L Word ended I had so much responsibility on my plate.. I feel like the universe presents these things for a reason, when you least expect it… like, now I have to focus on finishing the commission in Italy. I know that the next acting job will be the right job. I knew we did it when I got on a plane and got mistaken for a boy.

I saw it twice. So, I was thrilled when she came and did an episode of The L Word in the second season. I identified with both of those women, to a certain degree.

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  5. Laurel Holloman.
  6. Classic Curve: Laurel Holloman Gets Personal About Tina.

Well, I definitely see the political minefield that it creates because I went through that when Tina dated a guy on The L Word. But really, to watch what they did in those scenes and what Julianne Moore created in that character and what was happening… it was so specific — behavior and the sex scenes were so specific — God…. I felt that Julianne and Annette captured something about sexuality and parenting and long term relationships and marriage. The speech that Julianne gives at the end of the movie…….

Laurel Holloman Would Make Bette Porter Swoon, Too: The Autostraddle Interview

Yes, that was actually my favorite moment in the movie. The movie was so much more about community and the difficulties of raising children and parenting… To me, it made sense. Oftentimes, in The L Word , I wanted it to be a little more layered. How do you feel the climate has changed in terms of gay roles from during Two Girls in Love to when you did The L Word? I remember being in a limo with the director Maria Maggenti and Nicole Ari Parker and trying to figure out which questions we were going to answer to the press… there was a lot of energy in trying to protect Nicole and I, like — do we talk about our sexuality or not?

The energy around it was that there was still some kind of tentativeness, even putting these two teenage girls on the poster in an interracial relationship… should we put them on the poster? Should they be kissing or not? I was really proud of Maria because she fought for what she thought was right and she pushed for Fine Line Features to be really ballsy… things were starting to shift but not really. In general, there are so many celebrities that are out now and that has created the greatest shift.

Classic Curve: Laurel Holloman Gets Personal About Tina

The thing about doing that movie was that the character Randy Dean was just so different from me. I immersed myself for 5 weeks before the camera started rolling to physically create a different person from what I even looked like. How did you handle the vanity of it all, with cutting your hair and your appearance? I think because I was never the sexy, glamorous person anyway I just sort of chose to drop my vanity from the very beginning when I was working with my first acting coach.

I changed my body language… I went to gay pride and to gay youth groups… it was just an incredible summer. I wish I had more opportunities like that in film to immerse myself. There are a lot of people — agents, managers — grooming you for certain things. Why do you think so many actors and actresses are still closeted? What we do is not who we are. Because acting is so personal and the connections that are made with the emotion of film making, I still feel very strongly that everybody has the right to be as open as they want if they are a celebrity, or as private as they want.

They bring their partner into it too, and not everyone wants that attention. Did your family watch The L Word? Yea, they all watched it and loved it. I learned very quickly that needing any kind of validation from anyone is a mistake. Are you in touch with any of the L Word girls?

Laurel Holloman: "I shouldn't identify as bisexual"

I also showed some of them the art before I went public with it.. Leisha is also an artist and was especially supportive and that meant so much to me because I respect her so much as an artist. Is there any reality to an L Word movie being made? Yeah, I mean we talked about it a lot when we were finishing the 6th season. We used to joke a lot about what would be in the movie and we used to say it should take place in New York because Tina got a job there and how interesting it would be to see this crowd in New York… Ilene is really talented and I think everybody would be happy to show up.

I think Jennifer and Ilene have other projects they want to do together as well. Did you make any significant contributions to the personality or characterization of Tina?

And the counter to that was that Jennifer was fighting for her character as well, so we were working together to create this relationship. As I became stronger her character became more vulnerable and softened and learned what she would do with the predator sexual energy and how was my character going to learn to trust… They had to earn it and they had to grow up and those are all choices that we made together. There were some scenes where I was really uncomfortable because I hated how whiny or dependent she is. And, I knew that it was right because it was so unsettling to me as a person to tap into that.

I also learned that you really have to let go of your ego because you can tend to want to play things that are cooler or hipper…. I was sad that it let a lot of people down.

I think it was trying to do too much in one episode. It seems that many TV shows tend to spin off the rails after a couple of seasons. They do spin off the rails! More and more characters keep coming in — and we had a huge ensemble — so it becomes complicated and it becomes overwhelming I think to keep all those storylines going and try to figure out which ones are working the best and where they go. What were you really feeling during that season? My daughter was 20 months old, and I was living in Vancouver and it was gorgeous.

I still loved my job and I had a little extra free time. Jess is a pop culture junkie living in New York City. She enjoys endless debates about The L Word, Howard Stern, new techy gadgets, DVR, exploring the labyrinth of the Lesbian Internet, memoirs, working out, sushi, making lists, artsy things, anything Lady Gaga touches, traveling, puppies, and nyc in the fall.

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Find her on Twitter jessxnyc or via email. Laurel Holloman, in the past, had an affair with come Kristy McNichol, says it was very much in love with her.

The L Word - Finale Special - Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman

But no comparison with Jennifer Beasl, mush more beautiful! Truly had no other woman I do not understand how this beautiful woman, has other women. Laurel Holloman and Jennifer Beals,they awesome amazing together.. Laurel Holloman and Jennifer Beals great chemistry i love them! About Laurel Holloman is a 47 year old American Actress. Contribute Help us build our profile of Laurel Holloman! Paul Macherey and Laurel Holloman were divorc Laurel Holloman and Billy Crudup are separate Paul Macherey - Paul Macherey and Laurel Holloman are divorced after a marriage of 9 years.

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Who is dating laurel holloman

Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman. Laurel Holloman by Jennifer Beals. Posted comments View all comments 64 lei Apr 26, how amazing is your role in l word Abcd Sep 4, I see a lot more, laurel holloman on the sreen, talented actress and very beautiful. Elisa Aug 21, Laurel Holloman, marry me!: TaTySd Aug 9, Truly had no other woman Top Contributors for Laurel Holloman.