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Dating gives us a unique opportunity to find out just how generous or selfish, patient or impatient, kind or mean-spirited we really are, not what we think we are. Dating gives us a right to learn more about ourselves, about guys and girls, about people. It gives us a right to enjoy life from a new perspective. However, like any relationship, there are ways that we can take advantage of and even abuse these rights. Like any relationship, we should go into dating remembering of course, the golden rule: God has created each of us in His image, which means each of us is special.

God loves that person, and we have to try our best to love them the same way He does.

On Love, Dating and Relationships

When we stop trying to love is when the other person becomes a mere object, and we cease respecting them, and possibly even hurting them deeply. When we acknowledge this, and keep Christ at the center of a dating relationship, or any relationship, we too will be thanking God for this beautiful gift of love He has given us. People refer to first, second, etc when it comes to dating, and I guess the further you go with someone physically, the further you go along the bases, right? Does anyone even do that?

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Two months ago, I shared that true romantic love is just as much a function of the soul as of the body, and some thoughts about what our understanding of love should be. Last month I shared some thoughts about the next step, dating, and how any romantic relationship is fulfilled when it is centered around God and our being selfless, not selfish. How hard is it to stop seeing that person? Now consider how hard it is to stop seeing someone you have done something physical with, even just kissed?

It is much harder to stop seeing someone who you have done something physical with, because physical relations create an even deeper connection between two people. When your love- not lust- grows for someone romantically, you want to share something with the person beyond just a hello or a hug. This is something very natural and human that God has given us. And yet, God knows that physical relations between a man and a woman do bring them closer together, and He wants us to experience this in a safe, healthy way, and not get hurt.

In other words, God wants you to guard your heart. Dating is a time to just focus on getting to know more about yourself and about what kind of person you gel with, and God willing, who you ultimately will marry.

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Bless these Your servants, guiding them into every good work. About a month ago I had the rare pleasure of going to a movie with my wife and two other friends of ours.

The Perfect Matching Website for Orthodox Christians

There, I said it. Now we live in a world in which Choice is God.

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We cannot imagine not choosing our own hair style, clothing and career path; much less not choosing our own spouse. We vainly imagine this power of choice is the same as freedom, but if we have no basis on which to choose other than our subjective urges, transient likes and dislikes, and fantasies based on movies, novels and occasional glimpses at internet pornography, then choice is not freedom but bondage: Some lucky few have relationships with parents or spiritual mentors that are close enough and mature enough to provide some guidance and advice in the search for a mate.

Most, however, are out on their own. Even if they do ask for advice or guidance from a priest or parent or other responsible person, many young people are merely seeking confirmation for what they already feel or think or lust for.

Orthodox Dating Ordeals

So this is where we start: First, and this applies not only to dating, but to all friendships: Hang out with people you want to become like. What it means is that you look for Christ-like virtues: People with these qualities or who are seeking these qualities will help you develop these qualities. Now I am going to say something shocking: Orthodox Christians are not always the most Christ-like people you know.

Good people are good people no matter where you find them. Hang out with good people and you will become a better person. Generally the only difference between dating and hanging out is that if you're dating you are admitting that you are sexually attracted to one another—not the best way to begin a relationship that you hope will lead to the martyrdom of Orthodox Christian marriage.

Unfortunately, our culture has taught us that sexual attraction is key to finding a suitable life partner; in fact for much of our culture, good sex is the highest form of transcendence conceivable. But let me state the obvious: Christians are called to a life of repentance, a life in which Christ is God and my life is His. Feeling sexually attracted to someone you hardly know is certainly no way to determine if someone will make a good wife or husband.

A good marriage can never be based on how the other makes me feel.

[] The Perfect Matching Website for Orthodox Christians

Above I said that good people are good people no matter where you find them, but if you begin to think you might want to spend the rest of your life raising children with someone, then religion is very important. For most people, when things are going well religion is not a very important part of their life no matter how strenuously they protest that it is. When we feel like things are going well, and nothing feels better than being in love, God drifts to the background, and we basically ignore God.

Read Deuteronomy 32 sometime. However, marriage, as many have observed, is the remedy for falling in love. Once a man and woman begin the hard work of sharing their lives together, God becomes much more important in their lives. I am not saying that marriage is all work and drudgery. No, not at all. The most wonderful, wonderful gift God has given me is my wife and children; however, marriage has also driven me to my knees again and again.

When a couple do not share the same faith and same religious commitment, then when the going gets tough, where do they go for help? The main stipulation is that the couple agree to raise the children Orthodox. This allowance came to be in a world in which children were often promised in marriage before they were three years old.

Love Orthodox is the perfect matching website for Orthodox Christians because it offers all Orthodox singles the opportunity to find a potential spouse who shares the same values. In particular, those Orthodox Christians who live in the diaspora. More and more people feel like they are in a rut — they get up in the early morning, shower, dress, eat, commute to work, spend their whole day in a crammed office, commute back home, get something to eat, maybe watch a little TV, sleep and repeat.

Well, the fast pace of work which impacts the private lives of people makes it increasingly difficult for a person to find a spouse for life. If you are Orthodox Christian, you do not want just anybody to be the person that you will spend your whole life with.

Your goal is to find a spouse who shares the same attitudes and beliefs which has become increasingly difficult.