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  1. Are there any EX JW Dating sites?
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I never knew we could hurt men.. As a woman I have a right just like a man to be pleasured…if forced upon this is tape.. Interesting, at our congregations it was the opposite. Women were presented as lazy, sex-starved nobodies who were all desperate for men so they could stop working and have babies. The men were presented as something very special and above all these lowly little sisters. Strutting around like they were a grand prize we all lusted after, all of them assuming we single sisters were just waiting in the wings, praying they would look our way. Probably contributed to all the domestic violence I saw as well.

God those people screwed me up big time, LOL! The lesson is still the same. Men are better, women are nothing. Like we are farm animals. It does turn marriage into an ownership situation, a very cold institution. I think the misandry I learned as a JW is one thing I hate most of all. Look at all the wonderful, caring men out there, Bo Jensen, Bill Bowen, etc. I read an entry on jwstruggle today and he noted how elders are appointed based on how well they perform all the congregation duties, service, give talks, but how loving they are?

Conditional love, cold marriages, cold people.

I love the way your seeing the different characters when it comes to LOVE! My partner is a JW. He has not been with a woman since his divorce 15 years ago and since that divorce has been very close both geographically and otherwise to his family who are very devout. He is less so due to some things that happened in the fellowship during his divorce.

His views about sex and intimacy are an issue in our relationship, as well as the constant pressure to be married. I absolutely respect that there are rules surrounding having sex outside of marriage, and also not living together etc. His attitude towards sex is very dismissive.

Are there any EX JW Dating sites?

For a while I thought he was just not that attracted to me physically. Anyway I am not sure how to address this. Any advice would be appreciated. You cant deprogram him. They also teach that a husband has total authority over his wife. Your not being honest there…Witnesses encouraged men to treat their wives as the Christ loves the body.. I am not longer a Witness but there is no need to lie. The way you tell this part of your life is a complete match with mine. I have 2 kids too, but I have found myself, and figured out who I am as a person, one who used to crush easily, to the complete opposite.

I can chat with a guy but with no intentions of going any further! I am picky and will not settle for anything less then I deserve like I did in the past. I love who I am as a person and I know what I want. So I will be patient as I do want a husband one day, but like you said, once you have the strength and knowledge of yourself and who you want to spend your life with, the rest will fall into place!

Thank you for sharing! Thanks for the article, Mickey. Time for me to enter kindergarten…. You have a wonderful way with words. It seems as if you are taking them out of our mouths. Even though we may not be so eloquent as you. Awesome as usual, Danmera!

I still have the effects of the borg in my marriage! So, I see the words priority, superior, and preferred, and somehow having a baby girl made you twice as unclean as having a boy. Contrast 1 Timothy 2: Among the different forms of Catholicism, Mary is often honored ahead of God and Christ. Jesus did not so honor her.

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Best life ever…no more Jw. Likely, she is a woman or group of women acting as a shameless corrupting influence in the congregation. Some associated women may have been involving congregation members in immorality, while brazenly justifying their self-willed course by misapplying scriptures.

The good old Revelation book. Mickey Hudson aka Danmera Dinglebum. Now if you would be so kind as to explain what you mean to the non-JWs who read this. The dictionary defines apostate as a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle. There are JWs who renounced their former religions to become JWs.

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Again, thank you for your reply. I am from Nigeria. I was born and raised a jw. I seriously think the organization is on the right path when it comes to character building and stuff.

Love & Sex: What I’ve Learned Since Leaving Watchtower

But it also has a way of strangling the heart. So u can only imagine going through life with someone of the opposite sex for so long with little or no REAL exiting memories…. I can tell you are a cradle Jdub. You cant read, write or spell, ie, you are uneducated. Your illiteracy detracts from your message. We wouldnt want that — it can be a disfellowshipping offense! Danmera, I think this very personal post put into words what many of us have experienced at a Witness. I was ill-prepared for life as a wife, let alone a JW wife. After getting out of the organization, a very dear friend told me I needed to learn to be alone without being lonely.

That was one of those epiphany moments, and truer words were never spoken. How to be alone. It was hard at first, I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, but it was one of the greatest things to happen. My mom had much of the same views as you did. Except they were a bit more intense in that she had been molested all through her childhood. She had a strong distaste and distrust for men. It was more than viewing it as wrong.

It was an incredible fear for her. So I grew up believing her view of men.

Being A Woman As A JW rentyoprotjumplimp.gq

It lead to me feeling like a pervert, as well as strangely abnormal for doing what all young dudes do. In fact, I quit pioneering for a few months when I was 17 because I felt that God hated me for masturbating.

Dating and relationships as an ex JW : exjw

Sex IS a dirty thing in the org. You are afraid that even you and your WIFE may violate Gods law in the bedroom if things get too hot and heavy. Anyway, that you for that wonderful article. Many of these attitudes were held by my parents, Baptists, a very long time ago.

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When I hit puberty of course I discovered masturbation. At this age I should have been doing sports, dating, music, and whatever other fun stuff I could have gotten into related to school. Instead I was antisocial, depressed, and obsessed with sex in spite of my wish for the opposite. The watchtower does horrid things to a child coming of age.