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What should we call it? Nothing but boxes and paper and unfinished rooms surround me, my children are bored out of their minds and need more than their mom and Wii to play with. Now, I have to start over, again.

Bliss At Your Fingertips

Finding and making new friends and re-building my support network after a move is a lot like dating again. I need to talk to someone else besides my kids. I spot someone who has the same age children I have at the park.

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I take a deep breath, wondering when is the right time to approach her. She could be waiting to find a new bestie , too. I frantically review different scenarios and questions in my head, hoping not to sound desperate.


Share the Love 2. This is the stage in the dating game where you can take off the proverbial Spanx and let it all hang out. You still talk about PCSing, but now you admit how much you resent having to move again. You still talk about deployments, but now you confide about your struggles with depression.

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  3. With every PCS, I’m forced to start dating again. Friendship-dating, that is.;
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I got to third base with another MilSpouse in the bathroom of a restaurant. It was a liberating experience.

By the time you get to fourth base, you can consider yourself surrogate spouses. You have late-night gab sessions and sleepovers because both of your husbands are gone.

Friend Dating for Military Spouses |

And your car automatically drives itself to her house even though she PCSed months earlier. Friend Dating for Military Spouses.

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